Investigation of Multilevel Transmission for SI-Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) Channel: PAM and OFDM

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W. O. Apena
I. Osahon
W. O. Popoola


This research studied the choice of Step-Index (SI)Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) as a vital channel for short distance Multilevel (PAM & OFDM) transmission scheme in optical communication system (OCS). This employed initial knowledge on digital modulation to select promised modulation techniques (QPSK-OFDM, 16QAM-OFDM, 2-PAM, and 4-PAM) for POF channel. The controlled experiment was setup in the laboratory using transmitter (LED-L10762, 70MHzand Bias T-ZFBT-4R2GW) and receiver (Photo-receiver) through POF channel length variation (45cm, 30m and 60m) to determine the frequency response (back-to-back) and data rate (DR) performance respectively. Itrevealed disparities in bit error rate (BER) and data rate (DR) performances with respect to distance variation (30m and 60m POF channel). In summary, the bit error rates (BERs) for 30m POF for the chosen modulation techniques are lower compared to 60m POF which shows significance of modulation techniques with respect to POF channel distance. The research shows that POF could be an effective channel for short distance network such as Local Area Network (LAN) and Campus Area Network (CAN) application.

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