Investigation of Staged Air supply on Grate Combustion of Palm Kernel Shell Mixed with Selected additives (Al2O3 and CaO)

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K. O. Oladosu
E. O. Olafimihan
K. A. Babatunde
B. Kareem
A. A. Mustapha


Grate furnace is a proven technology for combustion of biomass for heat and power generations because of its fuel adaptability and easy handling. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and temperature measurement are the key performance indices of the grate furnace for energy generation. This study aimed at investigating the influence of adjusting primary to secondary air supply on combustion efficiency and gaseous emission. The results of experimental work showed that temperature above grate decreases as the primary to secondary air setting increases. Maximum combustion temperature recorded in this study was 785 oC above the grate during the test period at air split ratio of (40:60). At the exhaust port (1.38 m) above the grate [the freeboard temperature region increases in 60 minutes of combustion] maximum level of CO2 (8446 ppm) accompanied by low level of CO (285 ppm) was recorded. These optimality attainments have made the air ratio (out of the test cases) most appropriate for efficient combustion.

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