An Investigation into Building Functional Failures in Nigeria (A Case Study of Ibadan, Oyo State Capital)

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E. O. Aiyewalehinmi
O. S. Aderinola
M. O. Tanimola


This paper presents the results of a study on 100 commissioned residential buildings in Ibadan with costs ranging from 3 – 30 million Naira. The study has identified factors influencing building functional failures. While others factors are more visible, building functional failures remain undetected problems for building owners and the industry. Owners and Real Estate Agents concerned do not notice the amount of money being wasted each year on maintenance of their buildings. The data used for this study was collected through the use of questionnaires. All questionnaires were sent to the Real Estate managers and building owners. The findings showed that none of the buildings investigated function as expected. The study has highlighted the hidden problems of building industry in Ibadan. The analysis of the study showed that Artisans in Ibadan are not professionally skilled to handle professional jobs. Therefore, the study recommends that Artisans in Ibadan be retrained to be able to handle professional jobs.

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