Evaluation of Alluvial Ore Reserve in an Abandoned Consolidated Tin Mine, Bukuru- Jos Plateau State

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T. B. Afeni
A. I. Lawal
S. J. Omosayin


This research work evaluates the ore reserve estimate of the abandoned alluvial tin deposit. The objectives of the research were achieved through visitation, oral interview and internet sourcing. The prospecting plan of the mining lease of the studied Mine (ML.16957, B/Ladi) was also collected and used in the analysis. An abandoned area of the mine was extracted from the prospecting plan of the mining lease; while assay value, drill hole depths were gotten from the prospecting plan. Reserve estimation methods used are the triangle and the polygonal methods. The reserve data analysis revealed that about 121.08 metric tons of cassiterite reserve remained un-mined in the ore block. The average depth of the un-mined area of the block is about 56.99ft (17.37m) as against 15.28ft (4.66m) for the whole block.

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