Determining The Metal Contents of Leach Liqour from Ihietutu Lead and Zinc Ore, Nigeria

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E. O. Ajaka
O. E. Abiodun


This study characterized and recovered metals from Ihietutu lead-zinc sample Galena grains are interlocked with sphalerite and gangue minerals. Autogenous and media assisted grinding tests were studied in addition of difference and new mass charged modes. Gravity method for the production of a concentrate was also carried out using spiral separator with optimum recovery at +600 µm and highest loss at +125-53 µm. Also, the rate of leaching increased with time and an average of 88 g and 125 g was leached into the solution after three days for microwave pretreated and as-mined ore respectively. The final leachate contains 150 mg Pb/kg, 34 mg Zn/kg in aqua regia as-mined, 185 mg Pb/kg, 54.25 mg Zn/kg in aqua regia microwave pretreated, 137.20 mg Pb/kg, 21.50 mg Zn/kg in H2SO4 as-mined and 160.40 mg Pb/kg, 37.67 mg Zn/kg in H2SO4 microwave pretreated. The result from leaching revealed that aqua-regia has stronger ability for better yield than sulphuric acid in both microwave pretreated sample and as-mined sample respectively. Weight loss during roasting was 3.81%.

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