• Olufemi Adeyemi Adetola Federal University of Technology Akure



Development, Field Capacity, Weed, Weeder, Weeding Efficiency


An hand-push weeder was designed, fabricated and evaluated for household use and peasant farmers in order to mechanize cutting process and minimize the higher aggressive nature of weeds contrasted with harvests poising major danger to crop production, the invasion on soils is very high particularly during the raining seasons when soil moisture is high and plant development conditions are ideal. The major components of the weeder are the weeding drum and frame made of mild steel, adjustable handle made of galvanized steel, transmission system made up of belt and pulley mechanism, two wheels both at the front and rear. The highest weeding efficiency of 93.496% and field capacity of 0.055 ha/hr were obtained based on some parameters that influence mechanized weeding (soil condition, age of weed, number of weed, and optimum speed of the weeding machine been 1800rpm). The production cost of the weeder is $185 and it is powered by a 3 hp gasoline engine.


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