Comparative Analysis of Path Loss Prediction Models for Selected Rural Areas in Ondo State, Nigeria

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W. O. Apena
G. A. Oladunni


The paper presents a comparison between the path loss prediction model derived for selected area in Ondo State, Nigeria and some existing models in the research empirical study was adopted due to the complexity of the terrain involved. Six of the existing models were used to investigate signal strength of Ondo State Radio-vision Corporation (OSRC) Television Signal in the rural areas of Idanre-Owena, Ondo State, Nigeria. The calculated path loss values were compared with measured data to obtain signal strength from Akure-Idanre via Owena route in Ondo State, Nigeria using root mean square errors (RMSEs) prediction performance (10-15 dB). The RMSEs results (14.5dB-25.0dB) showed that none of the six models values are close to the spot measured values. The study revealed that OSRC TV signal is cut off from major area in Idanre, therefore their frequency could be co-used by other service provider, in this area alone, to enhance links such as provision of broadband services to this area.

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