Modelling of Electric Power Subsystem for a Weather Balloon Microsatellite

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W. O. Apena
K. F. Akingbade


This paper examines monocrystalline PV cell Electric Power Subsystem (EPS) for a Weather Balloon microsatellite. The study deplored initial knowledge on power system and energy conversion to simulate electric power subsystem model in MATLAB Simulink 2013b environment through mathematical equations. The research investigated atmospheric conditions with respect to P-V and I-V characteristics on photovoltaic cells initiatives. The study adopted characteristic effect of solar energy radiation from 1367W/m2 to 767W/m2 with respect to low orbit temperature. The study has shown that photovoltaic devices could be considered for generation of electric power energy for spacecraft and microsatellite stations due to its efficiency and ability for thermal cycles in lower orbit with respect to limited time varying degradation.

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