The Effects of Drying Temperature on the Physicochemical Properties of Ogbono (lrvingia Gabonensis)

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J. A.V. Famurewa
E. T. Faboya


The kernel seed flour of Ogbono (Irvingia gabonensis) was screened to test for the effects of drying temperatures on its physicochemical properties in order to evaluate its final qualities. Sorted and cleaned 'Ogbono' kernel seeds were splitted into two equal halves for uniform drying, weighed and dried at 50, 60 and 70°C. Weights of the samples were monitored at interval of one hour until constant weights were achieved. Analyses of the flour samples were carried out using analytical grade reagents. Proximate composition of the samples showed no significant difference at (p< 0.05) and ranged from 3.5 to 4.0, 1.99 to 3.24, 52.49 to 56.73, 1.86 to 2.62 and 33.86 to 38.71 for moisture content,protein, crude fat, total ash and carbohydrate respectively, this implies that Ogbono kernel seeds can be dried at any temperature within 50 to 70 °C without any appreciable loss of proximate values. The trend of the results showed decrease in the values of fat content but ash and carbohydrate content increase with increase in drying temperatures, low fat diet is recommended for both young and elderly people. Higher values were also recorded for mineral composition of the sample dried at 70 °C; 7.80, 194, 10.5 and 29.80/or Na, K, Ca and Fe respectively. The same sample also possessed relatively highest bulk density (0.60 g/cm3) which is important in relation to packaging efficiency. However sample dried at 50 °C is more viscous. Water and oil absorption capacities of the samples also decreased with increase in drying temperature which implies that more quantity will be needed when used as a thickener in food formulation for samples dried at higher air- drying temperatures. Drying temperature o/70 °C was therefore recommended to produce Ogbono flour of high chemical qualities.

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